Why Advertise in The Kid’s Directory?

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The Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory is the most targeted and cost effective advertising vehicle for Washington and Idaho family markets. It includes a monthly printed magazine, website, mobile site, social media, email marketing, and more.

Our job at the Inland Northwest Kids’ Directory is to locate and target your customers…so they know the who, what and where of your business.


We hand deliver each Inland Northwest Kids’ Directory ourselves to some 500 different points of distribution, leaving an average of 15-20 books at each location. We concentrate on places where moms and dads are found spending time, money and energy on themselves and their kids. We verify, add, and in some instances, delete locations in a constant effort to put our clients, you the advertiser, in front of customers. After all, your customers are a moving target…our distribution system simply keeps up with them.

How Does the Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory Brings New Customers to You?

We are parents too and we know the ins and outs of the Inland Northwest!  We participate in after-hours groups, business networking groups, fairs, local events, farmer’s markets and more to ensure you stay top of mind with customers.  We distribute the current issue of the Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory at those events FREE, and offer you an ability to be a sponsor.


As a sponsor at an event the Inland Northwest Kids’ Directory attends, we offer free drawings to attendees who in exchange for their name, number and email address, “enter to win” your service or product.  At the end, you as the sponsor receive all of the completed enter to win forms to build your list.


Let’s face it moms and dads are moving targets and “live” in the world of technology.  That is why we are on all the major social media platforms for you.

The digest-sized printed directory is sized on purpose – easy fit in a woman’s purse, diaper bag or console of a car AND it’s always FREE!

Your advertisement is our content! Our focus is on you, our client. Busy parents can find the resources they need simply and easily, no matter how they access the Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory!

Your ad will appear on our desktop & mobile websites at no additional cost to you, including a live link directly to your website.  Yes, that is FREE to you!

We employ professional social media experts who keep up with the fast-paced changes in social and digital marketing, and who ensure your advertisement is placed in front of buying customers. Yes, that is FREE to you!

We use state of the art CRM (customer relationship management) systems to send eye-appealing e-mail blasts to customers, and we consistently increase list.

Still not sure if The Inland Northwest Kids’ Directory is for your business?  Call and ask our clients.  CLICK HERE for our testimonials.

How and Why Does the Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory Offer So Much FREE to its Clients?

We adore our clients, and we feel blessed to work with you.  We love seeing your business grow and networking with you.

We have been networking for many years, and through that process we have built a large network.  That network benefits you through referrals, and customers trusting the Inland Northwest Area Kids’ Directory.

Our overhead is low – we don’t have a fancy building or office space to pay for each month.

We ask for your feedback.  We care about you and your business.  We listen and make changes accordingly for your benefit.  It is why many of our clients have been with us for over 9 years and continue to utilize us as their advertising source.

We stay active in the community and constantly look for ways to increase your business.

We take time to get to know you, your business, your business needs and we target an audience based off your information.

We do not mass market.  That’s expensive and your ROI (return on investment) is typically low.  We instead use target marketing techniques so your business ends up in the hands of active buyers.

The website is built to attract your customers.  It was built that way on purpose – to keep moms, dads and kids coming back because of its happy and fun interface.



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